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From time to time, Cascade Pinto will be the recipient of a non-negotiated check. To ensure that we retain a positive cash flow, Cascade Pinto will take the following actions to recover the funds.


The issuer of the non-negotiate check will be mailed an official “Demand for Payment” and or phone call, requesting the payment in cash, or money order, for the full payment of the NFS check plus a $50.00 fee. Said payment must be received by Cascade Pinto within 10 days as stated in the Demand, in order for the insurer to remain a member in good standing with Cascade Pinto.


Only payment in full will be accepted to rectify the NSF check.


Should the issuer fail to reimburse Cascade Pinto with in the 10 days time frame.  Cascade Pinto will report the non-negotiable check to the Snohomish County Attorneys office for resolution. Once this has been turned over to them it can not be withdrawn.  We are required to report the no-negotiated fees to the Pinto Horse Association of America office as well.




Cascade Pinto will forward all non paid NSF checks to a Collection Agency and Cascade Pinto will add a charge of 35% of the value of the NSF check & the $50.00 club NSF fee, to cover the Collection Agency Fee’s.  This will be the issuers responsibility to pay these fees


The Issuer of the bad check will then be considered NOT in good standing with Cascade Pinto, and will be ineligible for participation in any Cascade Pinto program until all fees are paid.


Further the Issuer will be placed on a cash only basis for 12 month following the payment in full of all fees.  The issuer and or any exhibitors related to the transaction will forfeit all Cascade Pinto points earned, and said points will not count towards Cascade Pinto year end awards.



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